A personal (subjective..) collection of
on Strangford Lough, the largest inland sea in the British Isles,
by Islandmore resident Michael Faulkner, author of two books on island life and Strangford Lough:
The Blue Cabin - Living by the Tides on Islandmore, and Still On The Sound - A Seasonal Look at Island Life.
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Taking a break..

Having tried to post a photo on this blog every day or two, I find that it's not practical as long as the island internet connection is so slow.. I intend to concentrate on my other blog, Island Life: The Blue Cabin Blog, meantime, and play this one by ear. It will still be live, I will add a photo from time to time, and I'm still open to suggestions for resources to add on the right!

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